Vehicles Running BMM ECUs


The Lemon

400+ HP Turbo NA6 owned by BMM founder Jesse

10AE Turbo

220 HP NB1 running forged internals, R8 COP, Flow force 640 CC injectors and a Garrett GT2560R at 15PSI

Hotboi NB2

150HP VVT NB2 with drive by wire Honda CB1000R ITBs owned by Jesse

Natalia the Miata

2001 VVT NB2 Miata running CBR1000R ITBs



10AE #0739

137 HP NB1 with Custom Cold Air Intake, Square Top Intake Manifold, Mazdaspeed Intake Camshaft, Racing Beat Exhaust, R8 Coil on Plugs, and Flowforce 380 Injectors.

1992 Miata Kart

92 miata kart running a Jackson Racing supercharger on a 1.6 and JDM NB intake and throttle body.



2002 VVT Turbo NB2

2002 VVT, Kraken turbo kit, Garrett 2554R, electronic boost control, squaretop intake, 6-speed.

Red NA

"This ECU is great on its own, but coupled with the price it becomes the best bang for buck you can get."

2001 VVT Turbo NB2

2001 VVT NB2 with an ISR turbo kit, Spec-R SR20DET T28 Garrett Turbo, and Injector Dynamics 1050x.


The Bullet

1990 Turbo 1.6
Greddy Manifold
Mamba Turbo w/6cm turbine housing pushing 15 psi.

NB1 Track Car

Miata NB1 running a BMM ECU and Nine Lives Racing aerodynamics package.



"Nothing Special"

Super clean, 48k mile 1993 with a 1.8 swap, BMM ECU, custom intake piping and other goodies by Napp Motorsports and a various other updates ready for a future supercharger.


2001 VVT Turbo NB2

267Hp with stage 3 To4 turbo 50/63,  HKS blow of valve, 960cc flow force injectors, 12mm radium fuel rail
hellcat fuel pump, mazdaspeed coils, Skunk2 throttle, stage 5 bronze clutch, 10lbs flywheel