FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Are the ECUs plug and play?

Yes, all BMM ECUs mount into the factory Miata ECU mounting locations and plug into the factory wiring harnesses. For basic installations, it is completly plug and play however it also has the ability to wire in additional sensors later on. 

What software do you tune the ECUs with?

The ECU are tuned using Tuner Studio. The basic software is free however features such as autotuning require the full paid version.

Where can I seek help?

To seek help from the growing community, there is a discord server as well as a facebook group. You can also send us an enquiry directly through our contact us page.

What platform are the ECUs based on?

The ECUs are based on the FOME polygonus board and adapted specifically for Miatas/MX5s.

Where can I learn more about tuning my ECU?

Look no further than the FOME Wiki page.

Where do I download the firmware and base maps?

The latest firmware and base maps can be found here.

How do I go about installing and setting an ECU up?

The quick start guide for installation into a Miata/MX5 can be found here

Do I need a wideband oxygen sensor or aftermarket air temperature sensor?

A wideband sensor is not required but is highly reccomended. NAs without an AFM and NBs have an air temperature sensor but a faster reacting GM sensor is reccomended, especially for forced induction.

Can I run custom coil on plug (COP) conversions with a BMM ECU?

Yes you can, many users have reported success using the R8 coils, LS coils and Toyota coils commonly used on modified Miatas. 

I'm switching ECU brands to BMM, can I use my old tune?

Yes and no. Fundementally, you should be able to duplicate or manually copy and re-scale your old fuel, spark and AFR tables. For the more complex settings, you will most likely have to set them up manually.

Where can I find community tunes?

Hypertuner is where community members can upload and share their tunes for BMM or other FOME ECUs.